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II Call:
NFT, Metaverse and how our lives will change

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About this talk...

Given the success of the call for the talk "NFT, Metaverse and how our lives will change" with Javier Molina (tickets sold out in a few hours) we have decided to launch a new call for February 8 in the gallery  Space 75 .  


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Surely you have heard of Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFT, Metaverse, Web 3.0... but do you really know what is behind it?


These terms contain a true revolution in business models, the jobs of the future and how social relations will be in the next decade.  


In this talk we will learn why companies like Adidas, Cocal Cola, L'Oreal, Zara, H&M or Facebook have joined this fever; why NFTs will change the world of art, video games or, to name just a few, the way we identify ourselves globally and how to prepare for this new Internet of Value revolution.

  With practical cases, current examples and in a very simple way, we will learn about the main challenges we face so that we can take advantage of them in our work environment but also personally.


To talk about this topic we will have  Javier Molina , one of the greatest experts in Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs in Spain. Javier Molina is an economist, collaborator specialized in crypto in  El Confidencial , host of  Etoro  in Spain, producer of  Blockchain Radio , professor at ESIC, Investment Strategies, Deusto Business School and lecturer.


It will be on February 8 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in space  Space 75 , Pilar de Zaragoza street 15, Madrid.


After the talk we will enjoy a wine and we will have the opportunity to talk with Javier Molina and the rest of the attendees.  


You sign up?




VOTTUN,  platform that traces and certifies data using blockchain technology. They help companies to improve through their technology, digitizing processes and improving their results. They offer solutions for: NFTs, Credentials, Traceability, Certificates, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Health Purchases and Payments.  


Espacio 75 , a new cultural project in Madrid, born from the love of its promoters for Art in its different aspects. It is a gallery/open space concept where proposals from established artists can be seen, and at the same time, offer the possibility for new artists to present their work.


NEXUS & FRONTAURA , DO Ribera de Duero y Toro wineries 


To buy the tickets, go to the page that you will find by pressing the button.

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