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Espacio75 is a cultural project born from the love of its promoters for Art in its different aspects.

It is located in Guindalera, one of the most central neighborhoods of the Spanish capital and one that they know very well because they have lived and worked in this Salamanca district for more than 20 years. In it and throughout that time they have created and collaborated in different networks for the dissemination of art and culture. Its main objective is to bring Art and artists closer to the general public in a simple way and to offer the latter the opportunity to experience in a close and accessible way the sensations that it awakens in its different manifestations.

The concept of a gallery/open space where you can see proposals from established artists, and at the same time, offer the possibility for new artists to present their work. It is the starting point to bring culture closer to all segments of the population, who will be able to enjoy and acquire quality original work at very affordable prices and allows already listed artists to help in some way to create a telluric network of contacts that serves to show and publicize new artists. We believe that they are all great artists, because one of the premises of "Espacio75" is not to exclude anyone because of their gender or their age of immersion in the world of art, since some of the artists we have are people full of of concerns, quality in their technique and solvency in their speeches, but who reach this point of creation after a long life experience that many times was not related to  the art. Another case is that of artists who for a time have had to withdraw from

artistic creation due to personal circumstances (maternity, illness, etc.) and they resume this activity with more desire and time than ever.  

The collaborating artists of the project have been chosen exclusively for their artistic and human quality; people are interested in this space

and his works. We will try to recover the concept of galleries from the beginning of the last century, where small families of artists and art lovers/collectors were formed. We visit their studios, we get to know their processes, we follow their trajectories and we invite them to create freely in personal projects in which we believe.

It is not about being a simple business, and for this reason, we present such interesting and unusual proposals in this type of space such as the

video-art or performance, with a special effort to promote them because we believe in their work and their conceptual proposals. We are convinced that this type of plastic poetics must have a place in modern society, since they awaken consciences, help reflection and are enjoyed "per se".

We have artists of different nationalities, although the majority reside in Spain and Madrid, but we do not close the door to others who can represent their province or country in both individual and collective exhibitions. We will also show the work of artists from other disciplines, such as dance or music, because ART, with capital letters, is inevitably linked to the human condition. We are born with humility with the intention of growing together. Taking care of the artists, teaching and explaining their work to visitors, and helping those who wish to acquire work.

Meet our artists

Said por Matteo del Vecchio_1.jpg
Said Messiri

Born in Tetouan, Morocco,
in 1956, lives and works in Madrid
has a degree in Fine Arts
by the UCM 

Gema Guaylupo Foto estudio_edited.jpg
Gem Guaylupo

He was born in Madrid, Spain on

year 1976 and has a degree in Fine

Arts from the Complutense University

from Madrid.

Foto Perfil Ricardo.jpg
Richard Martin

Born in Granada in 1953, he is a journalist, photographer and graphic editor. He studied Law and Information Sciences in Granada and Madrid.

Romo (3).JPG
Manu Romo

He studied at the Higher School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and at the Higher School of Image and Sound.

Iwona Flaszczynska

Born in Warsaw, Poland, studied at
the Faculty of Restoration of Works of Art at the University of Fine Arts
from Warsaw.

Foto Rosa Bustillo.jpg
Rosa Bustillo

The creative process is continuous, an inner journey, a map that draws the path, leaving the imprint of our footprint.
as an identity mark.

Foto perfil Lané 1.jpeg
Lane Leal

I identify myself with the pseudonym
LaNé Leal, I am Venezuelan born
in the city of Valencia,
and I am a photographer and artist.


The audiovisual Niobe,
deals with the interpretation of the state
transit and metamorphosis in
the eponymous myth.

Foto estudio Mónica Pascual (1)_edited.jpg
Monica Pascual

Born in Palencia, Spain, 
in 1972 and is licensed
in Fine Arts, at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Foto Dossier Laura Iglesias_edited.jpg
Greyhound  Study

 Laura Iglesias (Getafe 1976)
and Javier Cabello (Madrid 1976). Photographing together since 1998,
they create Greyhound Studio.

Peter Magro

He was born in Madrid and studied architecture at
the ETSAM. He lived in three houses, he doesn't remember the first one, and I will say that he was lucky enough to build the third one.

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