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La Rioja, Spain

my story

Born in La Rioja, she lived in Santo Domingo de la Calzada until she moved to Logroño to begin her artistic studies at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts, currently the Higher School of Design of La Rioja. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and Diploma in Graphic Design from the Artediez School. He currently resides in Madrid.

She has combined her artistic work with teaching, being one of the founders of the "Matiz Art Workshop" located in the central neighborhood of La Guindalera in Madrid, for more than 20 years accompanying other people who feel the concern of artistic creation.

“The creative process is continuous, an inner journey, a map that draws the path, leaving the imprint of our footprint as a mark of identity. It is part of the individual journey where transformation is constant. Our experiences determine the directions we take.

I like to work for projects. Identify bipolarity and its transition space. Some of the concepts that I use as a source of inspiration are emotion/reason, movement/stillness, balance, limits and their absence, the ephemeral, matter, nature. As a support when it comes to materializing ideas, I experiment with artistic materials and procedures that allow me to express and solve.
The path is learning, it is knowledge where life is art and art is life.”



Our feet as support, our hands building dreams.

The footprints that leave their mark and guide the way.

Wounds that show the experience and scars that ensure that it is possible to continue.

the silent road,  goes towards infinity. And always beyond.

… don't stop on the way…

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