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Madrid Spain

my story

She was born in Madrid, Spain in 1976 and has a degree in Fine Arts from the UCM.  


His work has been selected and awarded in different painting competitions such as those of Torrejón de Ardoz, Almendralejo  of Badajoz, Osuna Painting Contest, Calahorra Painting Contest, Retiro Painting Contest of Madrid, El Boalo, Griegos, Painting Contest in homage to Goya of the AEPE of Madrid, etc.


His work has been shown in both group and individual exhibitions in Spain; Casa de Vacas, Reina Sofía Art Museum or Julián Besteiro Foundation, among others, and Belgium and Switzerland. And international art fairs like DEARTE.  

Fragment  of critics on his work Published in the magazine REVISTART Nº 66 year VIII.

Attending the exhibition of Gema's work is having the privilege of approaching an inexhaustible source of concepts. Space and matter have no secrets for Gema. Their dialogue is transformed into elements intrinsic to the substantial dynamics of a work of great aesthetic strength.[…] These are creations that reveal the innate expressiveness of this artist, capable of generating, with the widest intellectual ease, the most diverse alphabets from their commitment to a job well done.

[…] Gema builds with perfect methodology and deep demand

  a priori that later develops with strength and sensitivity.

The result: A refined, fresh and pulsating work.

Manuela Dominguez Culebras

doctor, teacher  at the Faculty of Fine Arts UCM

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