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Madrid Spain

my story

He studied at the Higher School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and at the Higher School of Image and Sound.

He has made different individual and collective exhibitions such as "Hazando Barrio" at the Conde Duque Cultural Center; PhotoEspaña in El Corte Inglés; selection in the exhibition “StreetPhotographyPHE of the Community of Madrid; in the Spanish Agency for Social Welfare; Collective "Harvard's Disruption"-Magazines "Feel Madrid" and "Super Chueca"...

My interest is to establish relationships between painting and photography. As an artist I have been investigating how art can take advantage of everyday life to relate to utopia.

Enjoying its language, as a connector, as a definer of the essence of social being, that is why field photography but also photographic abstraction or mixed photo-painting work. An activity that does not have a fixed method and can be generated from different starting points.

I look for sensations that provoke thoughts, that evoke memories or make fantasies emerge.

I am also interested in the viewer's interaction with the work and to think that the viewer completes or transforms it with their contemplation and interpretation and in this way, intervenes directly in it, participating, interacting, in short, activating it.”

“When I discovered Romo “stealing” paintings from me to use the backgrounds in his photographs, I thought he was trying to do something like a new pictorialism but I was wrong because he got something that I cannot classify. I was surprised to see those buildings emerge from the mist like ghost constructions like an architecture that, being solid, seems to fade and move us to another reality. It's not Steichen's haze but it catches you and I like to lose myself in that colorful universe.

The river."

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