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Madrid Spain

my story

I was born in Madrid. Here I have lived in  three houses, of the first I do not remember anything, of the third I will say that I was lucky enough to build it.

I studied architecture at the ETSAM and later I studied the subjects of the doctorate where I investigated those places where domestic life and the artist's workshop converge; villa La Californie, Impasse Ronsin number 11 and Rue Nungesser-Et-Coli number 24 in Paris.

The best years of my life are linked to a family villa that could be La Californie where Picasso lived but instead of being in Cannes it is in a town in Segovia.

Villa Mundi, the family home, has been in that exceptional state of transition between inhabited and abandoned for some years.  In the imaginary, the poetic and the prosaic merge, the fantastic with that part of reality.

Painting and drawing are able to represent it with total credibility and this is what I paint about. 

artist's works


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