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Palencia, Spain

my story

Multidisciplinary plastic artist, born in Palencia, Spain,  in 1972 and with extensive training in Plastic Arts, standing out in sculpture, painting, design and illustration.

Graduated in Fine Arts, she studied a Doctorate and a Master in Museography and Exhibitions at the Complutense University of Madrid, she also studied sculpture at the School of Arts of La Palma.

Based in Madrid, she has always combined the creation of her work and her own artistic projects with her teaching activity. He has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions and fairs.  He has a large number of public works in both sculpture and mural painting and has founded several companies dedicated to fashion design and the assembly of exhibitions.

Passionate about color, balance and composition, she makes her works visual experiences full of energy and passion that come to life expressing her own language, moving fluidly between sculpture and painting.


For almost a decade I have been dedicated to the most important artistic activity of my life. The upbringing of two wonderful daughters who have given me another view of art and the world and who have only nurtured my artistic and vital universe.

A decade that, far from being a break in my professional and intellectual life, has been a kind of breath of fresh air that has made me live, see, observe other artistic views….

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